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2011-08-09 23:13:50 by Flash-Gamers


Skull WIP

2011-04-19 18:07:16 by Flash-Gamers

New project I'm working on :D

Skull WIP


2011-04-12 17:54:27 by Flash-Gamers

Well here is an update of this dragon picture


New Art

2011-04-07 21:03:34 by Flash-Gamers

Well I've decided to start a new drawing style, and this is the product of's not finished yet..but you get the idea.

New Art


2011-02-26 22:11:03 by Flash-Gamers

Just got into dubstep here recently, does anyone know any good dubstep songs?

I Retired Haha

2011-01-07 20:58:56 by Flash-Gamers

Ha, feels weird saying I retired...not like I made any good flash anywasy :P

Boring Summer

2010-06-17 22:41:44 by Flash-Gamers

Well so far this summer is non-promising...all I've been doing is playing my 360

I need something to do!!!!


2010-03-22 19:34:55 by Flash-Gamers

Yo who has a facebook?

If so willing to add you! just leave a link!

Want to get as many ng ppl on my facebook as possible!

Photoshop Skills Improved!

2010-03-14 14:59:44 by Flash-Gamers

I'm finally at a proficent level at my current style of art in photoshop. I'm really good at making streams of light, light orbs, etc.

So now, I think I'm gonna try to do actual potraits of ppl that I'll have to make up...but made not beable to get it right, but I'll still try!

New Art

2010-03-13 18:14:07 by Flash-Gamers

Gonna try to get a new picture uploaded, either today or later on......this upcoming week!